What Are Some Tips for Creating a Daily Log Form?


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When creating a daily log form, managers should consider the nature of the activities the form is to track to ensure that it includes the appropriate information. The form should also include sections to track the date and duration of tasks, and to write notes about each action to keep the form focused and functional.

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Daily log forms allow employees to track a variety of actions throughout the day and report the actions back to a manager, such as for determining billable hours or calculating the total length of a project. The process for creating the form should take the nature of the work and the position into account to ensure that the employee is able to use the form effectively. For example, forms for tracking actions at a construction site should be physical copies and include simple layouts to allow for quick annotation, whereas desk jobs may appear as digital documents and include more complex sections.

The manager should decide on a time format for the form, such as 15-minute increments or exact times, and convey this at the top of the form. If the manager expects employees to log a large number of tasks each day, she may wish to limit the forms to a single date to allow enough space for task details. The form should also include sections for additional job-specific data such as manager signatures or inspection results.

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