What Are Some Tips for Conducting a Free Phone Interview?


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Tips for conducting a free phone interview include securing the phone line prior to the interview, choosing a landline or Internet calling option over cellular service, and designating a specific time and duration for the call. It is also important to create a list of screening questions for the candidate and have a copy of her resume before starting the interview.

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The process for conducting a free phone interview begins by contacting the applicant prior to the call, often through email, to arrange a specific time and date for the call. This allows the applicant to make the necessary preparations for the call and enables the interviewer to make arrangements for use of office equipment, such as a phone line or meeting room. Landline phones offer more reliability for calls, but can carry long distance charges depending on the location of the applicant. As such, a service such as Skype or Google Voice allows the interviewer to hold the call over the Internet without incurring any additional fees.

Before the call begins, the interviewer should also obtain a copy of the applicant's resume and review it to become familiar with her experience and skills. The interviewer also needs to have a copy of the job description on hand and prepare a list of short questions for the interviewee, such as asking her to explaining her responsibilities at her last job or why she believes she is a good candidate for the position.

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