What Are Some Tips for Conducting a Personal SWOT Analysis?


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Tips for conducting a personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, or SWOT, analysis include picturing yourself as a business asset to determine strengths, identifying weaknesses honestly in regards to personal and professional matters, and organizing the analysis into a visual chart. Use the information from the analysis to develop a list of actionable plans to improve and grow to reach your goals.

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A personal SWOT analysis allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in addition to potential opportunities and any threats that you may face as you endeavor towards your career goals. When conducting the strengths section, look at yourself from an third-party perspective to create enough distance so that you can accurately identify your best qualities. Think of yourself as an asset for a business to call out any specific skills or experience that sets you apart from other people. This is also helpful when looking at weaknesses, as it allows you to identify the root issues that hold you back from achieving your career goals.

The opportunities portion of the analysis allows you to develop new goals for career advancement, while the threats section helps you identify the challenges you may face. After completing the analysis, review the entire section and reflect on the findings, thinking about the reasons for the contents of each section. Use this information to develop a plan to reduce the weakness and minimize the threats while pursing your opportunities.

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