What Are Some Tips for Conducting a Job Interview?


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To conduct a job interview, have the questions ready, know what to look for in a potential candidate, and be ready to take notes. The more prepared the interviewer is, the better the entire process will go.

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What Are Some Tips for Conducting a Job Interview?
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Prepare a list of interview questions that elicit as much information as possible from a candidate. Ask about the person’s strengths and weaknesses, what her previous positions were and in what ways she would best serve the company. Ask about her goals and aspirations, as well as why she has chosen to apply for this job. Take detailed notes during the interview, as it is easy to forget which candidate was best following a series of interviews.

Smile and be courteous throughout the interview. People interviewing for a job are already nervous, so this helps to ease their mind and reduce their stress. If necessary, involve others in the interview. This might be someone from human resources or the person's future manager or boss if she is hired.

Pay close attention to time during the interview, so you don't run too long or spend too little time with a candidate. Finish the interview by asking the candidate if she has any questions, and answer them thoughtfully.

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