What Are Some Tips for Composing a List of Survey Questions?


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Tips for composing a list of survey questions include identifying the purpose of the survey, focusing on a specific subject or concept, keeping the questions simple and direct, and offering clear examples to illustrate points when necessary. The questions should also feature a small number of options that do not overlap and focus on a single subject rather than combining multiple topics.

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Creating survey questions begins with a clear definition of the survey's objective and its target audience, as this narrows the scope of the questions and provides guidance in regards to formatting and language choices. For example, a general feedback survey for a customer service interaction would have a different tone and focus compared to a survey to collect market research for a potential new product in a new area. Understanding the reason for the survey also gives the questions a clear purpose and reduces the likelihood of straying off topic.

Each question in the survey should also focus on a specific topic without combining multiple concepts. Questions that ask how a customer feels about two products, outside of a direct comparison, or that ask a client to think about the company's image and service rates are confusing and make it hard for survey takers to answer. If a question requires a complex setup, it may be necessary to include an example to show the survey taker how to respond. Multiple choice questions should also feature a small number of options that are distinct to avoid overwhelming the survey taker.

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