What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Mobile Home to Rent?


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Before signing a lease on a mobile home, it is wise to receive documentation that utility services, walkways and the common areas of the park meet local standards, notes Amber Keefer for SFGate. Reviewing the rules specific to the mobile home park is also important before signing a lease.

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Many mobile home parks have rules regarding pets, common facility use, property maintenance, parking and noise, according to Keefer. The managers of the park are not allowed to change the rules with fewer than six months of written notice. This protects tenants from management attempting to use unwritten rules to clear particular tents out of the park. However, tenants who violate properly documented rules are liable for eviction, even if their rent is current.

Checking the lease agreements for rent increase notifications is also important, explains Keefer. State laws vary, but one example is California, where a landlord must provide at least 60 days of written notice when raising the rent more than 10 percent and 30 days if the increase is 10 percent or less. In the case of 30-day leases, this notice likely already appears in the paperwork, so reading the lease thoroughly is recommended. The rights extended to tenants in a mobile home park are similar to those of tenants in a house or apartment, so reviewing the lease before signing is crucial.

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