What Are Some Tips for Choosing Head Protection Gear?


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Tips for choosing head protection gear include finding the proper fit and the correct level of protection, explains the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If the head protection is for sports, it is also important to choose gear approved for the sport, and consumers should try helmets on with the accessories that they plan to wear with it, says About.com.

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Tips for testing the fit of a helmet include making sure it sits evenly on the head while covering the forehead and not disrupting vision, says About.com. If the movement of the helmet is less than an inch after the wearer turns his head from side to side and up and down, the fit is probably fine. Tightening straps and adding padding is necessary in some cases.

The proper fit is essential because without it, the helmet is ineffective, says OSHA. Head protection gear for the workplace comes in multiple sizes, and adjustable bands help ensure a correct fit. In some situations, gear should also allow for accessories such as earmuffs, safety glasses and brims. Helmets should be resistant to water and penetration by objects, and it should have shock-absorbing properties and slow down burning. It should also come with directions for proper use, adjustment and replacement of parts.

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