What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Good Doctor?


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When choosing a good doctor, check his credentials and board certification, ask what hospital he's affiliated with, and meet him in person before making the final decision. It also helps to look at in-network doctors first. This ensures the majority of medical check-ups and procedures are covered by health insurance.

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Many health insurance companies offer directories of all nearby doctors and specialists within the network. This is also a good way to find a doctor affiliated with a local hospital.

Not all doctors are accepting new patients, so call their offices after compiling a list of possibilities. Cross off any that are not accepting patients. Verify that the remaining candidates are board-certified and confirm their specialties. Some people have certain medical conditions that require a doctor specializing in internal medicine or certain diseases. Look for red flags that show a doctor is not a good choice, such as a history of malpractice cases.

Meeting with the doctor is important to ensure that you're compatible and comfortable with that doctor. You must also feel confident in the medical office, including the front desk staff and nursing staff. It is a good idea to learn about the office policies of that physician, including what the average wait time is for the waiting room, and if the clinic offers extended hours or urgent care services.

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