What Are Some Tips for Buying a Small Farm in PA?


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Tips for buying a small farm in Pennsylvania include researching the use of the farm before making a purchase, lining up the appropriate financing and comparing farms across multiple listing sites, such as LandAndFarm.com or LandsOfPennsylania.com, as of 2015. It is also important to estimate the approximate size of farm needed during initial planning to focus on areas with the right acreage.

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Buying a small farm in Pennsylvania begins by deciding its purpose, such as farming a specific type of produce or using it to raise livestock, as this directly influences the type of land necessary for the farm to thrive. Certain areas contain soil that is better suited to specific crops or has accessing to grazing land ideal for some types of animals, though this information is not always available in online property listings. As such, it may be necessary to contact previous owners or pay for a land survey to determine the exact nature of the property.

Choosing a purpose for the farm also helps set goals for production, which in turn dictates the size of farmland to purchase. It some cases, it may not be necessary to buy a large plot without the intention to utilize it all at once. Similarly, buyers should determine if the Beginning Farmer Loan Program is necessary to pay for the property, as it can lead to additional financial strain.

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