What Are Tips for Buying and Selling Homes?


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Tips for buying a home include doing research on a home before buying it, knowing all of the costs and fees involved with buying a home, and making sure the residence is thoroughly inspected. Tips for selling a home are to price it correctly from the beginning of the selling process and to add to the property's curb appeal.

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Researching a home before buying it allows buyers to learn whether the house was built or remodeled by a reliable contractor and which products were used during the construction or remodel. Researching a home helps buyers get a better idea of how long it's likely to last.

Common additional costs involved with buying a home include mortgage costs, land transfer fees, legal costs, home insurance plans and title insurance. Buyers should request a complete list of all expected fees from their real estate agents. Another additional fee is for the home inspection, which should be performed to ensure there aren't any problems with the property that need to be taken care of by the seller before the residence is ready to be inhabited.

Setting the right price at the beginning of the selling process helps the property to sell faster. The initial 30 days of activity for a home on the market are usually the best. Buyer interest can be increased by planting flowers out front, replacing the mailbox and other actions that enhance the property's curb appeal.

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