What Are Some Tips for Buying Rams As Livestock?


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Some tips for buying rams as livestock include paying attention to their frame size, being sure they have been fed a good diet, and considering physical defects or flaws. The physical health and strength of a ram are important if it is to be used for breeding.

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What Are Some Tips for Buying Rams As Livestock?
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A ram is one of the most important animals in a flock, and therefore needs to be well-bred and come from strong stock. Depending on the production environment and whether or not breeding is a priority, the ram should preferably be born as a twin or triplet. This shows a positive productive line.

Ask about the ram’s diet, and make sure it is not malnourished. Examine the ram’s physical stature, checking to make sure that it has a good frame size for its breed and that it is well-muscled. Measure the lower leg to see how muscled it is. Also look at the forearm’s muscling. Many physical flaws are genetic, so it is best to avoid these rams if they are going to be used for reproduction. Also consider that not all rams are going to mate with ewes.

When considering cost, buyers should keep in mind that breeding rams are about five times more expensive than market lambs. If, for example, a market lamb costs $75, be prepared to shell out around $375 for a breeding ram.

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