What Are Some Tips for Buying a Farm Wagon?


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Some tips for buying a farm wagon include checking the construction and materials, judging the horsepower required to pull the wagon, and deciding whether to buy new or used. The purpose for a farm wagon affects the style and size chosen. These four-wheeled vehicles are useful for moving feed and farming equipment as well as for fun transport in the form of hayrides.

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Shoppers should decide first if they wish to purchase a new or used farm wagon. Used vehicles are less expensive as an initial purchase. However, the older the material, the shorter the lifespan, necessitating another purchase sooner. Farm wagons, when new, can last 5,000 hours of working time. Always take care to judge the remaining hours left in a used vehicle and examine the quality of any prospective used purchase, checking the strength and durability of the materials before committing. Farm wagons can be steel-sided, made with wooden railings or constructed from a combination of materials. Wagons can be flatbeds or bear strengthened walls for hauling larger loads over greater distances. Another consideration is the horsepower of the tractor or truck that will be used to pull the wagon, and shoppers should be careful not to exceed that capability with the weight of a trailer.

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