What are tips for buying combines directly from the owner?


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Due to the high cost of used combines, buyers who aren't experts at appraising farm equipment should call in an expert to inspect the system. Fastline and other websites provide price estimates.

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Buying a preowned combine allows buyers to save, but used farming equipment tends to hold its value fairly well. As a result, a bad purchase decision can result in wasting tens of thousands of dollars or even more. While an appraisal might be expensive, paying for one can allow buyers to know their money is well spent.

Before having the combine appraised, buyers might want to inspect it for signs of rust or other types of damage. It's also worth asking the owner to turn the engine on to make sure it runs, especially if it hasn't been used for a while. Buyers should also ask about the combine's service history and if any major components have been replaced.

Negotiations are common for used farm equipment, and patients can sometimes help buyers get a better deal, especially if the seller is looking to clear space. In addition to negotiating the price, buyers might also want to discuss whether the seller is willing to bundle the combine with additional attachments. Buyers might be able to negotiate for free or discounted transportation as well.

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