What Are Some Tips for Buying Cheap Paper Towels in Bulk?


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Tips for buying cheap paper towels in bulk include focusing on the price per towel roll rather than the price for the entire package, stacking up coupons with local store sales and checking wholesale retailers along with local stores. Buyers should also look for websites offering discounts for meeting special purchasing conditions or that provide cash back from specific merchants.

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One important aspect of buying paper towels in bulk is to examine the price of each package to determine the cost of an individual roll of towels, as this demonstrates the true value of a sale over the cost of the entire package. If one store sells a pack of five rolls for $5, while another sells a pack of 12 rolls for $10, dividing the cost of the pack by the number of rolls provides the cost per roll. Though the first pack has a lower package price, the second package has a lower unit price, making it a better value when buying in bulk.

Buyers also need to check the prices at different stores and online wholesale retailers to compare prices and sales. Some sites offer special discounts for buying multiple qualifying products on certain intervals, such as Amazon.com offering a discount for purchasing through its Subscribe and Save program. Companies such as Ebates also offer users a percentage of sales as a cash refund when shopping through its partner sites.

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