What Are Some Tips for Buying Cattle Squeeze Chutes?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Cattle Squeeze Chutes?

When buying a cattle squeeze chute, consider the National Beef Quality Assurance recommendations. Think through the ideal flooring of the chute and accessibility to the animal.

The national Beef Quality Assurance program focuses on reducing cattle handling stress that leads to decreased cattle performance. A chute should operate quietly to reduce noises that frighten the cattle.

A chute that is easy to operate minimizes the amount of time an animal stays in, therefore reducing the stress on the animal and saving time for the farmer.

Consider the flooring material of the chute to control spillage and to provide a good anchor for the cattle to grip with their hooves.

Consider the most common uses for the chute to ensure accessibility. For instance, surgical procedures require access through the sidebars, so a chute with removable sides would be more appropriate.