What Are Some Tips for Buying Bulk Cattle Feeders?


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Tips for buying bulk cattle feeders include checking the load capacity to ensure that it holds the appropriate amount of food for the rancher's cattle, determining the need or models with wheels or skids and reviewing the quality of the unit before making the purchase. When purchasing a used bulk cattle feeders, buyers also need to find out its repair history.

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Bulk cattle feeders allow ranchers to provide food for a large quantity of livestock without constant attention from workers to reload the device or take food to animals individually. The buyer needs to ensure that the load capacity for the feeder matches the eating needs of her cattle, which typically includes determining the total number of animals eating from it at a time and the total amount of food consumed during a day. Buying a bulk feeder with too large of a capacity costs extra money and may result in wasted food, whereas a bulk feeder with too small of a capacity requires additional work from ranch hands.

The mobility options of the bulk feeder are also important, as some models have skids that enable a worker to move the device by connecting it to a tractor or truck and pulling it, ideal for ranches that don't require excessive movement. If the buyer plans to move the feeder constantly, she may wish to choose a model with wheels. Buyers also need to check the functionality of the unit to ensure that it holds and dispenses food property and is free of holes or damage.

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