What Are Some Tips for Building an Online Store?

What Are Some Tips for Building an Online Store?

Use an online platform such as Wix.com or SquareSpace.com to help build an online store. Similar sites, Shopify.com and Weebly.com also offer competitive online store packages.

The most important tip in building an online store is picking the right provider. Shopify.com has over 500 experts available to help, some services are paid others are free. Shopify.com is designed around the online shop that is looking to grow and develop. As new services are needed they can be added as needed.

SquareSpace.com focuses on keeping things simple while still giving shop owners the ability to manage inventory, coupons, customer lists and sales taxes. The website doesn't provide the full suite of e-commerce business tools that some of the other sites, such as Shopify.com has, but custom coding and designing, as well as an easy to configure space for products being sold is available.

Wix.com is a website that is one of the least detailed online store providers; however, it does offer all of the e-commerce tools needed to allow payments processed from PayPal, Authorize.net and offline payments as well. Recommended for those looking to sale in smaller markets.

Weebly.com is consistent in being the easiest online shop provider. The store owner isn't offered all of the detailed e-commerce features that other providers offer, but the trade off comes in the simplicity of setup and use. Websites are built using drag-and-drop designs as well as custom templates. Store owners get the option to use PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net. The checkout process was designed for customer ease.

An online store has a theme. Each company has their own set of themes, which can be found on their corresponding websites. Searching through a site like Template.net and ThemeForest.net provide more options. Themes provided on such sites are both free and paid.