What Are Some Tips for Building a Farrowing Pen?


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Some tips for building a farrowing pen for pigs include checking the temperature, keeping the boxes clean and dry, making sure the pen is located in a quiet area and stocking the area with necessary supplies. Maintaining the health of the sows is another important aspect of farrowing pen preparation.

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The temperature in the room itself should be around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be warmer, around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, over the mats in the hot boxes, which can be maintained with heat lamps. The boxes should be cleaned regularly, up to twice daily, with disinfectants and kept dry to prevent risky conditions.

Similarly, keeping the area quiet will lend itself to the health of the pigs, avoiding disruptions and stress. All supplies, including sleeves and lubricant, should be stored close at hand for easy access. Keep the general environment safe to guarantee the well being of sows and piglets.

The sows should also be prepared for farrowing by checking their vitals and maintaining their health. All vaccinations should be performed and recorded as scheduled. They should receive 4 pounds of food daily beginning on the 112th day of gestation. Every sow should be checked to be sure she is eating, drinking and passing manure.

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