What Are Some Tips for Being a Good Supervisor?


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Having good communication skills, empathy and flexibility are some of the ways of being a good supervisor. Other tips include the having ability to delegate and demonstrating humility and confidence.

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To succeed as a supervisor, the person must know how to make his desires clear to all employees. That requires good communication skills. At the same time, the person should incorporate and understand feedback from his employees. A good supervisor keeps communication lines with his employees open and is always aware of their problems and the progress of all projects.

A good supervisor must have empathy. To lead employees well, he must place himself in their shoes. For example, a pregnant woman cannot work for long hours while standing. Employees are loyal to supervisors who consider their needs.

Flexibility is important because management requires different approaches. A supervisor must select a tactic depending on the situation. For example, the supervisor can use a hard-line approach when the deadline of a project nears to make sure that the employees complete it in time.

A supervisor must have the ability to delegate. He delegates tasks to the employees with the best skills required for the tasks.

Not every decision that a supervisor makes works out well; therefore, humility is important. If a decision fails, the supervisor should accept responsibility and learn from the situation. He should not blame employees for problems that arise from his mistakes.

Confidence is important because employees look up to the supervisor for inspiration. If the supervisor is fearful, employees may conclude that he does not know what he is doing. Such insecurity can create a negative atmosphere in the workplace and affect productivity.

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