What Are Some Tips for Being Frugal?


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Ideas for living frugally include cooking at home, clipping coupons for necessary purchases and reducing unnecessary expenses, such as entertainment costs. To cut transportation costs, pay auto insurance in one payment, rather than monthly, and use only one car. Ride a bicycle when commuting short distances, or carpool to work and school. To reduce living expenses, consider downsizing the size of the home, and utilize energy-efficient lighting and appliances whenever possible.

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When purchasing items, consider buying used items. If new items are necessary, buy the items on sale, or use a coupon to make the purchase. Generic brands are a budget-friendly option for most household goods. Opt for quality goods when purchasing frequently used items, as high-quality items are rarely replaced.

Reduce entertainments costs by forgoing cable television. A frugal alternative is to check out books, magazines and DVDs from the local library. Lower food costs by packing lunches, and carry snacks along on outings to prevent impulse purchases. Instead of buying water, use a reusable water bottle, and make other beverages, such as coffee, at home.

To cut utility costs, unplug devices after using them. Eliminate the land line if a mobile phone is available, and avoid running the washer or dishwasher unless it is full. For long-term savings, plant shade trees around the home to save on heating and cooling costs.

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