What Are Some Tips for Answering Questions About Your Felony Conviction at Job Interviews?


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Tips for answering questions about your felony conviction at job interviews include being truthful, revealing only the necessary information, addressing convictions in the middle of the interview, and emphasizing current activities and future plans. Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview to appear confident and truthful.

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It is important to answer all questions including those concerning your conviction truthfully. All the information on the application or resume should also be current and correct. Employers check references and perform background checks, and getting caught in a lie can mean getting disqualified.

Next, give only the necessary details about your past and answer the questions directly. Address any concerns about the conviction directly, and steer the interview back to your positive traits and skills that make you a good candidate for the job.

Address your criminal history and any negative issues in the middle of the interview where possible. Talking about these in the beginning or end of the interview can leave a negative first or last impression. End the interview with a brief summary of your skills and qualifications.

Lastly, emphasize on community work, job training, education and other positive activities you have taken part in since release. Take every chance to speak about your current activities and future plans. Talk about specific career goals and how the job fits those goals.

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