What Are Tips for Answering the Question "what Is Your Biggest Weakness"?


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Tips for answering the question "What is your biggest weakness?" include answering with a strong example of overcoming a workplace obstacle and choosing a weakness that focuses on a nonessential skill. Either answer by discussing a big improvement in one area, or elaborate on how a negative situation turned into a positive one.

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Honesty is the best policy when approaching a question about a weakness. Examine instances of past work challenges and choose one to use for interviews. For the improvement answer, explain what the weakness was and what steps were taken to get stronger in this area. Let the interviewer know how the improvements benefited the previous employer. Follow up with an example of how those improvements apply to this new position.

Alternatively, answer by explaining how a negative situation was turned around completely after steps were taken to fix a problem. This answer lets the employer see that initiative was taken to resolve a weakness.

It is not necessary to over-prepare for this question, because interviewers prefer genuine responses over rehearsed answers. Therefore, don't attempt to turn a strength into a weakness. Interviewers expect people to make mistakes, and it's more impressive to relay how a real problem was conquered.

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