What Are Some Tips for Advertising a Small Business?

When advertising a small business, choose an advertising channel that reaches a large section of the target audience and come up with advertising methods that make your business stand out from the rest. Advertising should encourage existing customers to buy more of your product or service, attract new customers, and build your sales.

Existing customers are more likely to bring in business than those who have never bought from you. Potential customers are also more likely to buy from you if they hear about you from a friend. Develop incentives for existing customers such as discounts on products if someone they recommended buys from you.

Forming partnerships with other non-competing and hopefully complementary small businesses gives you access to their pool of customers. This cross-promotion leads to a growth in sales in the long run.

Having a compelling and easily navigable website for your business contributes to its potential success, as does creating business accounts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Update your profiles regularly and give readers good content that gives them a reason to follow or like your pages. Link your social media accounts to your website to direct traffic back to your site.

Consider placing an ad in the local free newspapers and magazines. Engaging with local reporters to generate news stories about your business is a free way to raise your business' profile in the area.