What Are Some Times of the Year Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Go on Sale?


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Visiting IKEA's main website and then the homepage of a local outlet would be a good way to start searching for deals and sales on kitchen cabinets. The homepage of a local IKEA website usually displays the most current deals and sales available in the store, as well as a dedicated page for special offers and events. As of 2014, there are 51 IKEA stores in North America, according to its company website.

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Founded in 1943 in Sweden by 17-year old Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has since grown to 317 stores in 27 countries, as stated on its website. The IKEA brand is popular for designing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture pieces such as desks, chairs and beds as well as kitchen cabinets. In North America, its chain of home furnishing retail stores offer a wide range of furniture pieces, textiles, lighting systems, appliances and faucets and sinks.These products are included in store sales and specials.

IKEA stores in the U.S. offer different deals and hold different sales events at any given time of the year. One of the easier ways to chance upon sales on kitchen cabinets and other home furnishings would be to visit the page of a local IKEA store. To do this, visit the IKEA website at www.ikea.com and then scroll down to the IKEA store finder and click on the link to the local store.

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