What Is the Timely Filing Limit for Medicare?


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Medicare claims should be filed within 12 months, or 1 full calendar year, of the date the service was received, as stated by Medicare.gov. For instance, if the patient received medical care on May 24th, 2015, the claim must be filed by May 24th, 2016 with Medicare. The filing limit applies to claims filed by medical care providers, suppliers and patients.

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Medical care providers and suppliers who accept Medicare should handle any claims filing needed for a patient's services. In some rare cases, the patient may end up filing a claim himself.

In either event, the claim must be filed with Medicare within a specific time period. Before the patient files a claim himself, he should contact the medical provider to confirm whether or not a claim was already filed. If the provider has not filed the claim, and it is close to the end of the time limit, the patient should submit a "Patient Request for Medical Payment Form" with Medicare, as stated by Medicare.gov.

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