What Time Does Burger King Stop Serving Breakfast?

time-burger-king-stop-serving-breakfast Credit: Mike Mozart/CC-BY-2.0

Burger King restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m. The restaurants open for breakfast at 6 a.m. Locations that operate 24 hours a day start offering breakfast at 6 a.m., but some franchises start preparing breakfast options even earlier.

Most of the breakfast menu options on the breakfast menu at Burger King involve a sandwich with eggs and cheese and a choice of meat (bacon, ham or sausage) on some form of bread (a biscuit, a croissant, a muffin or a tortilla). Burger King also offers French toast sticks, Quaker oatmeal, pancakes and small Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. Side dishes include hash browns and apple slices. Breakfast beverages at Burger King include milk, an array of hot or iced coffee drinks and Minute Maid orange juice or apple juice.