How Do You Throw a Mary Kay Party?

How Do You Throw a Mary Kay Party?

To host a Mary Kay party, get in contact with the local Mary Kay representative first. Choose a day and time, send invitations, and decide on food that best fits the theme of the party.

  1. Contact a Mary Kay sales representative

    Get started on a Mary Kay party by contacting a representative. She provides information on the types of parties available for hosting. The representative also has hostess packets to help plan the other aspects of the party.

  2. Choose a day and time

    After choosing the type of party, pick a date and time. Consider the schedules of prospective guests to maximize attendance. A daytime party may not work for a group of working women, while parties that extend later in the evening may not be good for women with younger kids.

  3. Send invitations and follow up

    Make the guest list and either send paper invitations or use the email invitation format provided in the hostess packet. Give guests enough time to get the party on their calendars. A day or two before the party, call guests to remind them and follow up with any people who have not responded.

  4. Plan food and drinks

    The type of party may determine the kind of foods offered. For example, a mother-daughter party may have different foods from those served at a spa party. Keep it simple so people spend more time listening to the presentation and purchasing products than eating and drinking.