Do Three Quarters, Five Dimes, Five Nickels and Five Pennies Make $2?

Three quarters, five dimes, five nickels and five pennies do not add up to $2. The total value of this combination of coins is $1.55.

A quarter equals 25 cents. Therefore, three quarters is 75 cents. Each dime is worth 10 cents, so five dimes total 50 cents. A nickel is worth 5 cents, so five nickels are worth 25 cents. Each penny is worth 1 cent, and five pennies total 5 cents. Add 75 cents, 50 cents, 25 cents and 5 cents together for the total value. The answer is $1.55.

An alternative way to reach $2 is to add another quarter and two dimes. Another is to add one quarter, one dime and two nickels.