Are Free Three-Day Eviction Notice Forms Sufficiently Detailed?

Are Free Three-Day Eviction Notice Forms Sufficiently Detailed?

If a three-day eviction notice follows guidelines specified by experts in the field, it should be sufficiently detailed. Information that must be in a valid notice includes names of the tenants, address of the property in question, and reasons for the eviction, according to Fast Eviction Service.

The notice must provide each date that a problem with the tenant occurred, and each incident noted on those dates must be detailed. State or local laws may vary. Fast Eviction Service states that, in California, incidents and ongoing problems that are considered serious enough to warrant eviction include illegal activity, subletting the property without permission of the landlord, serious waste or damage that negatively impacts the property value, activity that is threatening to the safety and health of others outside the tenant's rental property, and creating or allowing others to create a nuisance.

The notice must be in writing and it must provide the complete names of all tenants living in the rental property, notes Fast Eviction Service. The property address also must be in the notice, which must be signed by the landlord or a legitimate agent of the landlord. The notice must be dated, and it must clearly state that the tenants must vacate the property within three days.

That three-day period begins on the day after the notice is served, states Fast Eviction Service. However, if the third day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the tenant has until the following Monday to leave the premises. Also, if the third day falls on a holiday, the tenant has until the next non-holiday day.

Laws may differ for states other than California, so it is important to use an eviction form that adheres to local or state laws.