What Are Some Things You Have to Do to Start Your Own School?


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In the United States, the process for starting your own school typically involves creating a charter school. The primary steps for this process are writing a charter petition, submitting it for approval and implementing the approved charter school.

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What Are Some Things You Have to Do to Start Your Own School?
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Writing a charter petition should be treated like writing a business plan. It should account for the vision and mission of the school and how the curriculum design, hiring practices, disciplinary approach and communications with parents are intended to support that vision and mission.

Once the charter petition is written, the writers submit it for approval to the appropriate governing body. In most cases, this is the school board that oversees public education locally. The school board reviews the charter petition and may hold a hearing to review the specifics of the plan and to ask any relevant questions about how the school is to operate and its financials. The school board then votes on whether to approve the charter petition or not.

Once the project is approved, the school's founders must raise capital through grants, donations or other means, and must recruit teachers and students for the new school. Most charter schools also have a board that governs the schools operations and makes decisions about the future direction of the school.

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