What Are Some Things Someone Should Know Before Choosing a Career in the Medical Field?


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Individuals considering medical careers should be aware that careers in the medical field are often stressful, requiring long hours, years of education, expertise in math and science and the willingness to learn new subjects. Individuals who enter the medical field must be compassionate, ethical and able to tolerate unpleasant sights, sounds and smells.

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Before entering the medical field, determine your motivation. People who enter the medical field should be motivated by a desire to help people and should enjoy math and science.

Plan how you are going to complete your education. Certain medical careers require up to 15 years of education. If you are unwilling to study for such a long time, consider becoming a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner, as these occupations do not require as much training as other medical careers.

Determine which area of medicine interests you the most and the preferred setting where you wish to work. Certain medical jobs require more interaction with patients, while others require substantial time spent in laboratories. Specialities involving diseases with high mortality rates may not be suitable for individuals prone to depression.

Consider whether the medical field is compatible with your family planning goals. Many medical careers require work on weekends, holidays and late at night and thus are not good choices for people who are not willing to sacrifice family time.

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