What Are Some Things You Should Include in a Letter of Direction?

The content to include in a letter of direction varies according to the nature of its intent, though most require an indication of the party receiving the direction, an identification of the writer and a clear statement of what the writer is requesting that the recipient do. The letter may also call for additional information, such as financial account numbers or references to other contracts and documents.

A letter of direction is a type of business communication wherein one party makes a formal command for another to take a specific action. As such, the content to include in such a letter entirely depends on the action in question. Regardless of the specific details, this type of letter must include the name of the person or company acting as the recipient of the direction, both through the address portion and as a statement within the body. The letter should also explain who is writing the letter and why that party has the authority to do so.

The bulk of the letter should include a description of the action the recipient is to take, including all relevant steps and additional actions to complete the activity. For example, these actions may include an employee modifying workplace behavior, a record label paying owed money according to a contract or a bank making an account transfer. In each case, the letter should include all relevant documentation and verifications.