What Are Some Things to Keep in Mind When Returning to Nursing After Time Away?


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When returning to nursing after time away, it is important to research re-entry requirements, according to Monster.com. Refreshing current skills and adding new skills is helpful in securing a new nursing position. In addition, reconnecting with others in the profession is also beneficial when re-entering nursing. Exploring available career options is important. After obtaining a new position, be patient and set small goals during the acclimation process.

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Find out a state's re-entry requirements by checking with the state's board of nursing or nursing association, explains Monster.com. Some states require nurses re-entering the field to renew nursing licenses or meet continuing education requirements. Some employers provide refresher courses designed for nurses re-entering the field. It is also a good idea to independently study helpful resources, such as your state's nursing practice act and ethical code. Studying the sections applicable to your practice area in an NCLEX-RN preparation manual is also a beneficial way to prepare to re-enter a nursing career. Update your resume and skills, such as by taking a word processing course.

One way to reconnect with others in the profession is by joining a local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau or a specialty nursing association, explains Monster.com. These organizations can provide beneficial networking opportunities.

It is wise for to look at all available job options during the re-entry process, states Monster.com. Go to career fairs and talk to nurses in other settings to gain awareness about additional career possibilities. Be persistent during the search for a new position, and don't give up if doors close to certain opportunities.

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