What Are Some Things to Include When Writing a Grievance Letter?


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Key elements to include in a grievance letter include the different aspects of the grievance, specific details, facts and descriptions. Additionally, a writer should include impartial details, assertive language and the outcome she desires.

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The writer should split the grievance letter into specific bullet points that cover the aspects of the grievance, such as key incidents. Additionally, the writer should include specific times, dates, places and witnesses for each point. This helps the information seem more credible to the reader.

The writer should remain objective, calm and factual when describing events, making it a point to mention how the event had an impact on her well-being and health. A grievance letter must avoid an angry or vindictive tone. When possible, a writer should back up her complaints with corroborating statements from trustworthy witnesses, co-workers, or people otherwise involved in the situation.

The writer should use assertive language, and use "I" statements such as "I feel." These are powerful statements and allow the writer to take ownership of feelings and views. Additionally, these are difficult for others to dispute. Finally, the writer should conclude the letter by mentioning the ideal outcome of her grievance and what outcomes are acceptable if the ideal outcome is not possible.

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