What Are Things to Include in a Personal Assessment?


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Content to include in a personal assessment include an clear evaluation of strengths, a list of accomplishments and honest details about weaknesses that presentable as strengths. The assessment should not downplay achievements but should also feature professional language and information about observations and learning over the applicant's career.

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A personal assessment is often part of the job interview process because it allows employers to see how an applicant views herself, if she is capable of actual self-analysis and how aware of her weaknesses she is. As such, the evaluation should begin with all of the applicant's most important achievements, such as graduating from a prestigious university, bringing a major client to a past employer or earning a special industry certification. It also needs to feature an honest yet modest list of the applicant's best qualities, avoiding boastfulness while still showing the employer that the applicant has pride in her work and abilities.

The evaluation also needs to address the applicant's weakness, but should never mention a weakness that places the applicant in poor standing. The weaknesses need to show that the applicant is aware of challenges she faces, such as being a perfectionist, explain how she is working on correcting it and present it all in a way that shows the benefit the employee brings to the company. Personal assessments can also a description of what the applicant learned at her last job and in her career experience.

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