What Are Some Things to Include in Employee Recognition Notes?


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Information to include in an employee recognition letter consists of a summary of the actions for which the employee is receiving the accolades, the reasons why the company or manager appreciates the employee's actions and an express statement of gratitude towards the employee. The letter should also contain personal details from the writer's experience with the employee, or details from other familiar parties.

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An employee recognition letter serves as a written acknowledgment of appreciation for the actions of an employee by the company or a manger, typically within a short period of the employee's actions to allow for timely praise. The letter should begin with a brief statement explaining the purpose of the letter, including a short summary of the employee's actions, such as continued dedication to company goals or for completing a specific project. Next, the writer needs to recount the full details of the employee's actions, ideally from first-hand knowledge.

The letter should also explain why the company or manager appreciates the work of the employee, tying in to corporate values or establishing the way it sets an example for other employees. It may also be helpful for the writer to include feedback and quotations from other employees or managers involved with the employee's work to show a greater level of appreciation from throughout the company. If the letter includes any physical or monetary reward, it should appear at the end during a final summary.

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