What Are Some Things to Include in Employee Handbooks?


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Employee handbook may include a code of conduct, a dress code, harassment policy and rules about the process for interacting with customers under different circumstances. The handbook may also contain instructions on processes such as applying for time off, submitting time sheets or tracking progress toward a promotion.

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An employee handbook lets employees quickly and easily reference all the applicable rules, regulations and guidelines for working at a company. It may begin by outlining the basic requirements for daily activities, such as a code of conduct or similar policy that covers the way employees should act on the job site and treat fellow coworkers. The handbook may continue with a dress code, which can include the proper manner for wearing official uniforms, including alternative options.

Many employee handbooks also include specific polices for dealing with disciplinary actions, such as reporting sexual harassment or other forms of abuse. These guidelines may specify the types of behavior that qualify as harassment and how to document a harassment situation and report it to the appropriate department. Other procedures that may appear in the handbook include filing paperwork for time off requests, how to elect different health care benefits and the policies regarding speaking to customers.

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