What Things Are Generally Covered by Flight Insurance?


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Travel insurance generally covers trip cancellations, health care emergencies in another country, emergency evacuations, flight delays, and bag losses or delays, reports Travel Insurance Review. It also comes with phone support at all hours and at any location across the world, allowing policyholders to access information about the nearest hospitals, available medical transportation, lost baggage search and other emergency situations.

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Travel insurance covers prepaid nonrefundable costs, such as plane tickets or hotel rooms, when a policyholder cancels a trip due to a valid reason, such as a hurricane, job loss, or a medical emergency or death of the policyholder, his traveling companion or a family member, explains Travel Insurance Review. The policy also pays for medical costs while traveling abroad, as Medicare and other health care policies do not cover medical costs outside the United States.

Travel insurance includes emergency evacuation coverage, which covers airlifts, medical transportation back home and other emergency evacuation expenses, states Travel Insurance Review. If a policyholder's flight gets delayed, travel insurance also pays for unexpected costs, such as an extended hotel stay.

Moreover, the insurance covers delayed or lost bags in the airport and compensates the policyholder for buying clothes and other important items until the bags arrive, according to Travel Insurance Review. Through 24/7 phone assistance, travel insurance agents help policyholders with various needs, such as emergency language interpretation or arrangement for medical treatment.

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