What Are Some Things to Consider Before Renting a Daycare Space?


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Before renting a child care location, consideration should be given to the amenities and structural layout of the space. Additionally, note the zoning laws, local ordinances or housing covenants governing the area a facility is located in, according to a Child Care Aware synopsis.

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A child care center run out of a residence or dedicated facility constitutes a small business operation, an activity that is sometimes restricted or prohibited in residential communities governed by zoning laws or covenants. These and local ordinances may assess fees and require a permit in order for business operations to be conducted. Laws, covenants and ordinances may prohibit all activity, even if state licensing requirements are met.

Child care facilities, whether a personal residence or center, have certain minimum amenity requirements. These include bathrooms that can't be locked from the inside, outdoor play spaces that are free of obstructions that could cause injury and at least two ground level exits. Additionally, comfortable room temperatures, adequate ventilation and reasonable water temperatures are a prerequisite for many licensing and regulatory bodies. Children should also be able to move freely and have space for personal belongings.

A public child care center is also required to meet local, state and federal regulations. For example, stipulations by the Americans with Disabilities Act mandate accessible entrances and layout.

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