What Are Some Things AllianceOne Collection Agency Does?

What Are Some Things AllianceOne Collection Agency Does?

AllianceOne provides collection services and contact center solutions for its customers, as its official website explains. The company serves a variety of different business types, including government agencies and utility providers.

AllianceOne provides a number of different accounts receivable solutions. It performs welcome calls, non-voice BPO services, third-party collections, first-party collections, and primary and secondary recovery services. It specializes in analyzing, managing and acting on customer data to minimize and recognize risks as well as develop strong customer relationships.

AllianceOne works with financial services to do major profiles in auto, financial, banking, credit card and retail accounts, and the company works with telecommunication services in wireless, bundled billing, Internet ISP and credit activation services. In the education and government sector, it works to provide court, education and government debt collection. The company also provides highly trained and multilingual employees for these services, as its website indicates.

In the utility sector, it provides services for new customer sign-up as well as collection services. In the health care industry, AllianceOne's services include revenue cycle management and support services.

AllianceOne maintains a number of locations throughout the United States, including offices in Louisiana, Washington and Indiana as of 2015. AllianceOne formed in March of 1999 with the acquisition and merger of five well-established market-specific account receivables companies.