What Does a Theater Company Manager Do?


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The company manager handles the day-to-day business of the theater, such as payroll, legal contracts, travel arrangements and scheduling. The company manager is also responsible for supervising the overall production and makes all of the financial decisions.

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The company manager is responsible for all aspects of the staff's welfare. Managers travel with the company and usually have a temporary office somewhere near the green room. They are the most senior manager backstage during a performance, and they are the liaisons between the staff and producer's office. Aside from the staff, the other major responsibility of a company manager is to manage the production's finances adequately.

In order for the production to remain within budget, it is necessary for a company manager to keep detailed records of expenditures and expenses. Poorly managed finances can run a play into the ground before it opens. A company manager should be adept at problem solving, working with different personality types and dealing with the public.

Company managers also coordinate auditions and assist in looking for contracting actors and other creative types for various jobs. Normally a company manager handles everyone from the actors to the technical crew. However, if it is a large production that is stationary, the company manager will handle the actors while the production manager deals with the tech crew.

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