What Is a Thank-You Letter for Recommendation?


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A thank you letter for recommendation expresses a person's appreciation for recommendations made on his behalf, whether through a letter, email or other means. Thank you letters for recommendation are often written after a recommendation for a job interview or a college application letter.

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Handwritten letters can be more personal and touching than email or a phone call. Thank you letters for recommendation should begin with a statement of thanks, such as "Thank you for taking the time to write on my behalf for graduate school." In the letter, update the person who made the recommendation on the process. For example, if the recommendation helped land a job interview or resulted in an acceptance into college, let the person know what role their assistance played. If the status is pending or in question, a line like "I will keep you updated on my job search" or "I will let you know which colleges express interest" is fine. Future correspondence should update the status as needed.

Recommendation letters often take considerable time to write. A teacher may be writing such letters for many students and taking time out of a busy schedule to do so. A thank you letter for recommendation reinforces the letter writer's positive qualities and makes it more likely that the person who wrote the recommendation will help out again the future.

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