How Do You Thank a Company After an Interview?


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A person should consider the audience, cite specific notes of the conversation and demonstrate interest when sending a thank you letter after an interview. Options can vary, but a hand-written letter or e-mail are the most common methods.

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The type of interview dictates how to express thanks. For instance, after a phone interview, a person should send a thank you e-mail no more than 24 hours later. In the message, the interviewer should be addressed and specific notes of the conversation should be mentioned. Any message that contains meaningless material will convey to the interviewer that interest in the position is not strong.

A face-to-face interview requires a more professional approach. In some instances, it may be worth researching the interviewers on LinkedIn to connect the conversation with their work history. Instead of an e-mail, a handwritten note is preferred. This note should contain information about the tasks associated with the job description and how the applicant believes that he is the exceptional candidate for the position. When sending a note to multiple interviewers, it is critical to avoid using the same generic message. This approach shows that time was dedicated to addressing each interviewer individually. Lastly, any thank you note should contain a desire to hear about next steps of the recruiting process.

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