What Is the Texas Workforce Commission?


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The Texas Workforce Commission is an agency of the state of Texas. It provides workforce development services to employers and unemployment benefits to job seekers in Texas. The commission is part of Texas Workforce Solutions, a network that offers workforce solutions and statewide services to eligible locals.

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The Texas Workforce Commission operates an integrated workforce development system that provides recruitment, retention, training and outplacement services to employers. Eligible employers receive information on labor laws, unemployment insurance and tax-saving programs. They also receive information and analysis on shifts in the employment sector, as well as training against discrimination in housing and employment.

The commission provides job seekers with career development information, training programs and job search resources. It has an online job-matching platform where job seekers access thousands of opportunities and post their profiles for employers.

TWC obtains its funds through federal sources and administers various laws within the state including payday and child labor laws. It provides childcare support services to individuals participating in workforce training programs and administers the state's unemployment benefits and tax programs.

The agency runs the Skills Development Fund, a job-training program that provides employers with an opportunity to upgrade the skills of their employees. TWC headquarters are in downtown Austin.

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