What Are Some Tests for Career Guidance?


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Some career guidance tests include occupational interest inventories and personality inventories. Another type of career guidance testing is a values evaluation test that finds career paths based on a person's principles and beliefs.

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Occupational interest inventories include tests such as The Strong Interest, developed by psychologists E.K. Strong, David Campbell and Jo-Ida Hansen. These tests use occupational themes or codes and evaluate a person's interests in school subjects and hobbies. Based on the evaluation, the individual is compared to others with similar interests who have successful occupations. It is not a test based on skill or abilities.

Personality inventories include tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that measures personality categories, such as whether the person is an introvert or extrovert, and whether he is intuitive or sensing. Results from these types of test indicate appropriate occupations based on how the person makes decisions, analyzes situations and interacts socially. These types of tests also do not evaluate skills or abilities.

A values evaluation test gauges the individual's personal priorities and preferences in a work setting. These include job content and duties the person likes or is able to easily perform. The tests offer a suggested occupation type based on core values and personal convictions.

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