How Do You Test and Train for Food Safety?

How Do You Test and Train for Food Safety?

How Do You Test and Train for Food Safety?

To test and train for food safety, check your local health department for any specific requirements or recommendations. Many jurisdictions throughout the United States recognize the ServSafe certification. You can purchase a ServSafe study guide, then take a test to receive certification.

  1. Research your state and local health requirements

    Depending on your location, food service managers and employees may be required to have food safety certification. Check with your local or state health department for any requirements. Some jurisdictions provide their own training program and test, while others recognize ServSafe or another food safety training program.

  2. Study food safety guidelines

    A food safety guide, like the ServSafe book, teaches the importance of food safety. Learn about cleaning and sanitizing, appropriate time and temperature controls, preventing cross-contamination, receiving and storing food, and methods of thawing, cooking and cooling food. In addition to safe food handling procedures, you also need to study food safety regulations.

  3. Receive certification

    After studying your ServSafe book or another study guide, you may be able to register and take a certification test online. In some localities, you may be required to take a proctored exam. ServSafe provides both types of tests, so be sure to check your local requirements.