What Are the Terms of a Payoneer Debit Card?


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Some of the terms of a Payoneer debit card are that it is the responsibility of the cardholder to keep the card and the personal identification number secure, and the cardholder can make a maximum of 10 ATM withdrawals within 24 hours, according to Payoneer. Upon the card's expiry, Payoneer can invite the cardholder to get a new card or the cardholder can request for a new card through his account.

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The cardholder can use his card to withdraw money or inquire about his account balance from any ATM that accepts MasterCard, states Payoneer. He can also use the card to make purchases at point-of-sale terminals that accept MasterCard. For security reasons, Payoneer limits customers to 10 ATM withdrawals and nine point-of-sale transactions during any given day. The daily transaction limit is $5,000. Cardholders are prohibited from using their card on gambling sites or for illegal transactions.

If cardholders lose their card or believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to their personal identification number, they should contact Payoneer immediately, advises Payoneer.

The card's expiry date is printed on the front of the card, according to Payoneer. After the card expires, Payoneer can invite the cardholder to order a new card. The cardholder can also order a new card through his online Payoneer account.

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