What Are the Terms on a Money Network Debit Card?

Money Network debit card terms include no enrollment charge to new users and funds are directly deposited to the card from a linked bank account. Card users can use the card without worrying about fees, except when performing certain transactions such as withdrawing cash from an ATM machine. Upgrading a Money Network card requires going through a mandatory identity-verification process. Card users have built-in protections such as the ability to dispute specific charges from merchants.

As part of its terms of service, employers using the Money Network Service to pay employees via debit card are not given access to employee transactions. Card-user privacy is assured, and only card users can access personal account information detailing card transactions. In addition, any money transferred to the debit card by employers remains on the card, even if employees leave the company. Former employees can use the card until there are no funds left to spend.

While there is no enrollment fee Money Network debit cards have a monthly maintenance fee attached, and requesting a monthly paper statement by mail comes with a fee. In addition to ATM machine fees, card users are charged for using a bank teller to withdraw funds. A replacement debit card is available if a card is lost or stolen, and various fees are assessed for this service.