What Does a Termination Form Include?


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A termination letter should contain pertinent information such as exact reasons for firing, returning company property, final pay check and insurance and benefits. A termination letter is issued to an employee by an employer in the event of firing to explain the reasons for ending the employment.

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The letter should specify whether the termination is on a discharge or layoff basis. A termination letter should also include basic demographic information, such as the name of the company; the name of the employee being terminated, including the date of the termination, is also a good idea, according to RocketLawyer.

Norton Law Corp recommends including details on whether the employee can appeal the termination. The method of appeal should depend on the practices and policies of the company. About.com advises giving the termination letter to the employee during the termination meeting or mailing it to the employee afterward.

A termination letter is important to both the employee and employer in the case of a lawsuit and should be a summary of what ensues during the termination meeting. To avoid wrongful termination claims, an employer should draft a termination letter that goes offers assured protection for the company against lawsuits, as reported by Norton Law Corp.

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