What Is the Term for an Enlarged Thyroid?


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The medical term for an enlarged thyroid gland is goiter, as stated by WebMD. Goiter is caused by excessive or insufficient hormone production or the individual's diet. When goiter is a result of diet, this is known as sporadic goiter.

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What Is the Term for an Enlarged Thyroid?
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Sporadic goiter occurs when individuals consume large amounts of food that interfere with the thyroid's ability to process iodine. Cabbage, spinach, soybeans and peaches are all foods that can interfere with thyroid functions.

Both hyperthyroidism (the production of too much hormone) and hypothyroidism (when hormone production is lacking) can lead to goiter, according to Mayo Clinic. If the pituitary gland is excreting excessive hormones, this can also cause the size of the thyroid to grow abnormally large.

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